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Promote your catalogue

Many librarians underplay the imperative role they have in creating a captivating, up-to-date and complete learning hub for their school. To successfully promote your catalogue as the one-stop-shop for all the reading and research material your borrowers will need, you’ll want to employ all the tools you have at hand. What if all these tools were packaged together in a library system?

Entice new readers with a range of resources

Enticing new readers can be a tricky thing. By cataloguing a range of resources, you will ensure that the library becomes the first point of call for all information and research needs. Even beyond that, adding book trailers, author interviews, or related educational quizzes or games to your catalogue records will encourage students to interact with content in a way they mightn’t have before.

Promotion and visibility are key

Whilst promotion of your competitions, reading programs and literacy initiatives could be done through your school newsletter, website or even “live” at assembly, nothing beats having an attractive, interactive interface engaging your school community. Of course, the Accessit Web App is totally customisable. You can theme your dashboard, promote competitions, post news items, or even show off your latest resources with book carousels. If you have a learning management system at your school, you can tie it back to the library with live links to book lists, allowing teachers to create reading lists of books, eBooks, websites, electronic and video content. With access to the catalogue anywhere, anytime, on any device, your students will see in real time the availability of items, and even participate themselves by reserving, ‘liking’ and reviewing resources. They can even create “to-read” lists and recommend books to their friends whenever they like. Parents can also participate in their child’s learning, choosing reading material with their children from the comfort of home. Accessit caters for the individual, allowing users to select their own favourite authors and subject areas, alerting them when new resources come in matching their interests. You can even catalogue and track your National Library loans, sending links of lists to the teachers, allowing them to see the availability in the library and to reserve them for their classes.

The itinerant librarian

Be visible! Being able to circulate from the Accessit Web App means that, armed with a device that’s connected to the internet, you can become a travelling librarian! Visit classrooms and do book talks, and take the books with you, allowing students to issue them straight away. Visit the staffroom with staff picks, or topic resources that the teaching staff may like to issue for their classes to use. The posibilities are endless!

Third party integration

Accessit’s Web App seamlessly integrates with third party providers — online digital content and databases (including EPIC), Wheelers, Accelerated Reader, Clickview and much more, with new content integration being added continually.

Big long federated search lists are clumsy and time consuming to wade through. Students hate having to keep coming back to the library catalogue to change their search, select the database and wade through the list again, switching off when it becomes too hard. Accessit’s One Search makes this easy for them. With One Search, students can simply click on the databases or websites they want to search through and it will take them to the site (log them in, if it’s subscription or EPIC content) and carry out their search, all in a single click. They can still use the limiters, and change their search if they need to, within their chosen databases. With your Wheeler’s eBooks available directly from the Web App (without requiring a secondary login) and your other electronic resources sitting side-by-side with your physical books, it really is a one-stop shop!

Reporting is a breeze, and can aid you in your reading promotion. Be sure to make use of the fantastic reporting functionality in the Accessit Management App, to track which authors or Web App searches are most popular, and which searches are not yielding results. These reports can guide you when considering collection development, to alert you when other search terms need to be appended to resources, or even which topics/authors are popular so you can create vibrant displays. You can even run reports on non-active borrowers allowing you to intervene or to consider which resources may re-engage the student.

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