Accessit won’t put pressure
on you or your IT infrastructure.


Deep integration, powerful connectivity, stability and ease of use make Accessit a no-brainer.

Set and forget

Accessit frees you up, automating services for seamless integrations and management. Its ease of use for staff mean fewer cries for help and less demands on your valuable time.

Flexible access

Students, librarians, and teachers can search via any standard web browser (including Edge) on any device. Accessit also comes with a free app for IOS and Android so staff and students can search the library and resources via their own mobile devices.

Cloud or local deployment

Accessit is a powerful SQL solution that can be fully managed as a cloud-hosted solution or you can choose to deploy locally within existing server infrastructure. Either way, it’s easy on resources.

Excellent IT support

We offer a responsive customer portal for submitting and tracking tickets to our support desk, as well as great phone support from real people. Remote support is available from Accessit staff, including our system integrators, SQL specialists, and networking experts.

Superb integrations

Accessit Library offers SSO (single sign on), AD/LDAP integration, Sync against student administration systems, and SIP2. It supports HTTPS, JSON, and SOAP. There’s automated emailing, RFID support, texting, eBook support including Wheelers/Overdrive, Clickview, TV4Ed, SCIS, Premier's Reading Challenge, and more.


Accessit helps to reduce IT staff workloads, and provides you with the peace of mind that comes with built in security.

Seriously good software

Accessit Library gives you great integration options, superb support for industry standards and protocols, seamless workflows and interoperability, and excellent technical support.

Easy to manage

Accessit Library makes your life easier by taking care of the complexity. It offers you a single solution to manage the discovery and delivery of video, electronic documents, inventory, eBooks, textbooks, library resources, departmental resources, equipment, online digital content, archives and more.  Accessit offers all this across a single or multi-campus environment.

Industry standards

Accessit is an Australasian product used in over 30 countries, delivering best practice in library and information management solutions for over 20 years. It’s built using industry standard SQL and HTML5 web technologies, and provides exceptional levels of interoperability with 3rd party products and services.

Cloud deployment

Our fully managed cloud-hosted solution removes the burdens associated with server management. Accessit staff will manage backups, load balancing, server hardware and resources, server-side patches, security settings, and operating system updates, offering you a zero deployment solution.

Local deployment

You can also choose to deploy locally within existing server infrastructure including Windows Linux, MacOS – including virtualised environments such as Hyper-V and VMWare.


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