Meet the demands of multiple stakeholders.

There is an endless stream of people clamouring for limited resources. Now one library system can answer everyone’s demands.

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A box full of useful and colourful tools and resources

Outstanding tools

Equip your staff and students with outstanding tools to discover learning resources and improve their management of teaching.

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Leading the way

Accessit provides your school with a modern, safe learning platform that you’ll be proud to use and profile within your community.

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Hassle free tools

Your IT staff need solutions, not problems. With a system that basically runs itself, you free up staff to direct their energies elsewhere.

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With a rich array of management and financial reports, Accessit is a valuable decision-making tool for the librarian, principal and school board. Keep informed on how your library and learning resources are being utilized school-wide so that, at a glance, you can rationalise spending and resource allocation.

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Accessit is a single, all inclusive package. After the initial purchase, the annual subscription provides you with future updates and new versions at no additional cost. With no hidden costs, the process of transferring to Accessit Library is completely transparent.

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Accessit Library seamlessly integrates with your existing systems – such as student management. It can run on your existing hardware, or in the cloud – so there’s no strain on your IT resources. And it can be accessed on almost any device, including phones and tablets.

“Accessit is reliable and user-friendly, which is why we used it at my last two schools and why I implemented it here at Bohally Intermediate. It’s engaging for students and staff and it complements the curriculum objectives of our school but most importantly, our librarian LOVES using it!”

Shane Campbell, Principal, Bohally Intermediate NZ

One library system to keep everyone happy.

Changing technology creates incredible challenges for teachers, librarians and principals. Students want to access information when and where it suits them. Parents need to know their children are prepared for the future. Your IT experts will be concerned about security and a strain on their time. How do you answer everyone’s needs and demands?

  • Students love Accessit because the interface is attractive, engaging and intuitive to use. They can connect to the library on their own devices, when and where they want to. They can interact with the catalogue, “liking” and reviewing items, as well as manage their own library experience. By tracking the way students use the system, it can be adapted to their needs. Best of all, they only need one login to reach everything.
  • Teachers love Accessit because they can create more dynamic lesson plans, with easy access to podcasts, videos, eBooks, PDFs, and other electronic documents. They can even create their own reading lists and help students use One Search to find independently curated, scholarly resources including EBSCO, Britannica, Gale and LibGuides. One Search helps to expand classroom resources exponentially, bringing information literacy into the classroom.
  • Parents love Accessit because they can see their children have access to the relevant, reliable resources they need and a leading edge library system. Parents can participate in their child’s learning, reading and discovery from home, logging into Accessit with their child and selecting reading material, or placing reserves.
  • The IT department love Accessit because we put security first. The system virtually runs itself, so there’s no extra pressure on their time or hardware. IT will be impressed with Accessit’s high level of automation, connectivity and flexibility. They can run it on any system, or in the cloud to reduce the hardware required. Accessit also has excellent support and is always ready to help.
  • School boards love Accessit because the results are evident, making future decision-making easy. Accessit gives their school a cost-effective, modern educational resource that can grow and evolve with the school and community.

Accessit is available as a single and multi-campus solution. The Accessit Web App is available in English, Spanish (USA), Chinese (Simplified), Arabic, Latvian and Russian (with more languages being added).


Case Studies: Librarians

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