A library system built for today’s teaching environment

When you can access your library anywhere, anytime, it becomes more than a store of information. It becomes an integral part of the journey of learning.

Accessit Library, a teacher's best friend

Accessit Library gives you the connectivity, visibility, and flexibility you need as a complete school-wide resource management system.

Dynamic lessons

Create reading lists, issue and return from the classroom, find class resources, and support students’ research on databases such as EBSCO, Britannic, Gale, LibGuides, and many more.


Students will discover all learning resources in a single search, including eBooks, PDFs, electronic documents, podcasts, websites, online digital content, subscriptions, video, audio, archives and more. This is great for schools implementing the flip classroom environment.

Teacher resources

Teachers can access their online resources anywhere, at any time – lesson plans, worksheets, past exam papers, supplementary reading, and much more.
“Accessit is a gateway to knowledge that allows me to extend my students. Initially, it seemed like something more for librarians – I was wrong! It has really helped my teaching, and my students’ grades are the proof that it’s making a real difference.”
Amy Featonby, Head of English, St Peter’s School, NZ
“There are so many things I like about Accessit – it’s easy for students and teachers to use and the dashboard is a fantastic gateway, not just to books, but e-resources and websites to support research.”
Lesley Martin, former Librarian at Culford School, UK

Assisting with your teaching practice

Accessit supports teaching as much as it supports learning. Anything can be catalogued, so teachers can get creative with their classes – making book trailers, recording performances or speeches, uploading music and adding it to the catalogue so students can access it. The Accessit One Search tool gives teachers access to high-quality, curated content in a single search, expanding your potential classroom resources exponentially.

Teacher/Librarian collaboration

Teachers and librarians can work together to create rich lesson plans right across the curriculum, where subjects complement each other, and information literacy skills are regularly and intentionally incorporated into lessons from an early age.