Accessit Library,
a teacher’s best friend.


When you can access your library anywhere, anytime, it becomes more than a store of information, it becomes an integral part of the journey of learning.

Easy to use

We’ve made Accessit intuitive and easy to use. Beneath its attractive interface this system gives you easy access to more resources and information than ever before.

Students love it

Students will love being able to access their library when and where they want on their own device. Searching is fun with multi-media results displayed alongside books and documents to encourage exploration and further learning.


With Accessit One Search, your students will discover all the learning resources in a single search, including books, eBooks, PDFs, electronic documents, podcasts, websites, online digital content, subscriptions, video, audio, archives, and more. This is great for schools implementing the flip classroom environment.


Access-It allows you to deliver electronic documents, create reading lists, offer moderated online content, and help students search digital resources such as EBSCO, Britannica, Gale and LibGuides.

Quick to learn

Accessit is so intuitive, it will quickly become part of your teaching and learning practices.

Teacher resources

Many schools use the system to manage and deliver their teacher resources and textbook collections. This will allow you to access this anywhere, anytime.

Built for today’s teaching environment.

Accessit Library gives you the connectivity, visibility, and flexibility you need as a complete school-wide resource management system.

Beautifully Simple

With its beautifully simple interface your students can search your entire school’s library, media and information resources. They’ll love being able to use their own phones and tablets to access the system whenever and wherever they want. It’s fun, gives them ownership and encourages exploration.

More than just searching

As well as searching, students can renew, reserve, read and write reviews, and create citations. They can check their own account for items currently on loan or overdue, see their lending history, recommend resources to others, and so much more. 

Its power and ease of use makes Accessit Library the system of choice for leading schools world-wide.

Perfect for any age and stage

The unique flexibility and configuration options within Accessit Library means that it can be tailored to meet the needs of all users, from K-12 and above.