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“I switched from my previous system to Accessit Library. It’s like going from a 1980s mobile phone to the latest iPhone, a staggering difference in capability.”

Debra Perrin, Librarian, Oathall Community College, UK


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    Frequently asked questions

    We have more than one library. What are our options?

    Accessit’s multi-campus functionality allows you to have a single database for all of your resources, split into separate “campuses”. You can decide who “sees” which campus by default or by selection, and who can borrow from where etc. You can even configure separate Web App homepages for each campus, if you’d like. Some single-campus schools like to use this multi-campus option, if they wish to incorporate their textbooks, music department or teacher resources. Of course, if you prefer to have separate systems you can do this too.

    Can my students search the catalogue without logging in?

    Yes, of course. We also support AD/LDAP integration, so if your students log into the school network with a username and password, they can use the same login for Accessit, and will not have to learn a new one. Accessit also supports SSO (Single Sign-On.)

    What kind of support will I receive?

    Support is covered by your annual licence, along with all updates and new versions. You can call us or email us as much as you like. Our Support team is made up of real librarians, just like you, so they really know their stuff!

    You will also have access to our Accessit Customer Help Portal where you can view video tutorials and read help articles online. Additionally, we offer professional development for customers.

    What happens when you release a new version? Do we have to buy Accessit all over again?

    No, with Accessit Library all updates and new versions are covered by your annual licence fee. You will always have access to the newest and most up-to-date version of Accessit.

    What kind of things can I catalogue into Accessit?

    Anything you like! All kinds of resources can be catalogued into Accessit, not just books. You can catalogue websites, eBooks and audiobooks; documents such as lesson plans, supplementary readings, archived newsletters, worksheets or past exam papers. You can catalogue equipment such as chromebooks, data projectors, DVDS, as well as podcasts, video content and YouTube clips. Accessit allows you to hide certain collections from borrowers, track what’s where, who has it, and when it’s due back. Not only that, you can create financial reports on your data and calculate depreciation.

    Will I have to add my borrowers manually into Accessit?

    Accessit Library synchronises with most student management systems. This means that all borrower information will be updated from the student management system daily into Accessit. You choose which fields you wish to sync, including parent emails, so you can send automated overdues home if necessary.

    We subscribe to lots of online databases. Can our students access these through the Accessit Web App?

    Absolutely! The Accessit One Search functionality allows you to extend any search beyond your own library resources. Now you can reach content from any of the additional databases you subscribe to. Best of all, as long as the student is logged into the Web App, they won’t have to separately log in to these subscription sites. This includes Britannica, EBSCO, Gale etc. as well as many others. You aren’t constrained to subscriptions sites either, free websites can be added to One Search as well.

    Will I need to re-barcode my items or buy new scanners for our library?

    You can continue to use your existing barcodes and scanners. If you do have any concerns about your scanner (for example, it’s really old) just check with us. We do also sell both scanners and barcodes, and the system has the capacity to print barcodes and spine labels too.

    Will I need to re-catalogue everything, or will you take care of the data migration for us?

    We take care of the data migration. We bring across the records from your old system and move them into Accessit for you – this can include student borrowing history, if you choose. This will be included in your quote.

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