Packed full of features
that everyone will love.

Key Features

Not just books

Capture everything with this school-wide resource manager.

Robust and reliable

The system basically runs itself with little need for IT intervention.


Search across multiple online content providers simultaneously and seamlessly.

Broad integration

Integrates with virtually all IT systems and components used by schools.

Intelligent searching

Recognizes misspelling and truncations so searching is not dependent of spelling abilities.

Anywhere anytime

24/7 user access to all your resources from any device.

Upgrades included

Never pay to upgrade again!

Personal support

Talk to real people with real experience in libraries.

Easy engaging dashboard

Juniors through to senior students can easily reserve, renew, write reviews, ‘like’, create lists and so much more!

Flexible and configurable

Works for every type of school, every type of campus, every type of resource.

Automates & optimizes tasks

Simplifies or removes many time consuming administrative tasks.

Z39.50 cataloguing

Catalogue hundreds, even thousands, of books at once.

Comprehensive training

Rapidly acquire power-user capabilities with our comprehensive training package.

Used globally

Used in over 30 countries.

Smart reports

View and share exactly how your resources are being utilized across the school.

Technical Specifications

Interested in specifications, deployment options, commonly asked questions, and integration partners? View the technical discussion paper to get you started.