The library is integral
to learning


We understand the importance of the library and librarians. So we’ve designed Accessit Library – not as a peripheral system, but as essential to the operation of the entire school.

A system with 'wow' factor

A modern, dynamic library system that you can be proud to put in front of your users. Not only will you love using it, but your students will too.

Easy to use

You’re a librarian not a computer programmer, so we’ve made Accessit intuitive and easy to use. But beneath its attractive interface, this library system puts you in control of more resources and information than ever before.

Quick to learn

Accessit is so intuitive, you'll soon be a power-user. Plus, with over a hundred video tutorials available, you can get a refresher whenever you need it.

Accessit One Search

As well as physical resources, you can give users access to eBooks, PDFs, electronic documents, podcasts, websites, online digital content, subscriptions, video, audio, archives, and more, all in a single search.


Accessit Library does a lot of really clever stuff. Many tasks are performed automatically to save you time. Integrations, such as with your student administration system, can be seamless and hassle-free. And it supports multi-lingual and multi-campus environments.

Here to help

Our support team is fast, friendly and understanding. They’re real people who will assist you personally and listen to your feedback.

It’s time to put your library first.

The library should be at the heart of your school. But with limited resources available, it’s often treated as an afterthought. Accessit Library solves this problem by turning your library into a central hub that connects and integrates all your school’s existing systems.

  • Teachers love Accessit because they can set lessons and reading lists with more control than ever before. As the librarian, you can help them manage their resources such as podcasts, multimedia files, e-books, PDFs and other electronic documents. You can even use it to manage cameras, devices and other loan equipment such as laptops.
  • Students love it because they can connect with their own devices when and where they want. The interface can be quickly configured to make it attractive and inviting to a range of student ages and abilities.
  • Your IT department love Accessit because it gives you control and independence. The system virtually runs itself and if you need help, there’s an excellent support service, videos and a knowledge base.
  • Principals, parents and school boards love it because it gives your school a modern educational resource that can grow and evolve.

Unleash the power of Accessit One Search

With One-Search, teachers and students can check all local and online content with a single search. Results can also be pulled from other sites such as public libraries, websites and online databases. The system integrates seamlessly with your online subscriptions and supports single sign on – which saves signing in and out of each service individually.

So much functionality

As well as searching, students can renew, reserve, book, read and write reviews, and create citations. They can even check their account for items currently on loan and items overdue, see their lending history, reviews, and more. 

Lighten your load

Accessit automates day-to-day tasks such as cataloguing and emailing overdues. Plus tight integration with student administration systems means student details are always up to date.

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