Privacy Policy

Scope of policy

In this policy we explain how we handle your personal information when you:
• use this website; or
• contact us in relation to an Accessit library system.

Please note that this policy does not address how we handle the personal information of our customers, their personnel and their use of an Accessit library system, once a customer has entered into an agreement with us for an Accessit library system. We provide each customer with a more detailed privacy policy that addresses these and other matters when the customer is entering into an agreement with us. The policy you are reading now is limited to your use of this website and contacting us via this website.

The information you provide us

You may browse this website without providing any personal information to us. If you seek information from us relating to the Accessit library system; register for events or webinars; subscribe to a mailing list; submit a form to download any product, white paper or other resource; submit a form for customer support or request a demonstration of the system through our online ‘book a demo’ form, we’ll collect identifying information from you such as your name, the organisation you work for or represent, and your contact details.

If you are requesting sales or support services through our website, we may pass this information through to our sales or support partners.

If you don’t wish to provide the information we request, we may not be able to provide you with the information or services you need.

When you authorise us to post a testimonial about our products and services on our website, we may include your name and role within your organisation. If you wish to update or delete your testimonial, you can contact us on techofficer@accessitsoftware.com

Why we collect and store your personal information

We collect and retain the personal information outlined above to enable us to identify you, to explain our services to you, and to communicate with you in relation to your potential use of our services.


We strictly control the disclosure of your personal information. It will only be disclosed within and to the appropriate Access-It companies to the extent relevant to the purposes of collection described above. Those companies are Access-It Software Limited (NZ), Access-It Software International Limited (NZ), Access-It Software (UK) Limited (UK), and Accessit Library Inc (US).

Other information and cookies

We collect statistical information about visits to this website to help us analyse usage of the website. That information includes a visitor’s browser type, device, region, referrer, and use of the website. This statistical information does not identify particular individuals. See our Cookie pages for the cookies that are generated for this purpose and how you can identify them, delete them or prevent them being set.

Access, correction and deletion

You have the right to access and to request correction of any of your personal information that we hold. To exercise this right, or to ask us anything else in relation to this policy, please contact our Privacy Officer / Data Protection Officer: techofficer@accessitsoftware.com. You may also ask us to delete your personal information.


We may make changes to this privacy policy in the future. This privacy policy was last updated on 27/01/2021.