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Web App of the Week – Rolleston School

Web App of the Week is an award for outstanding users of Accessit Library. It’s a place to recognise extremely nice-looking, useful user interfaces and somewhere to turn to for inspiration.

This weeks Web App is engaging, vibrant and easy to navigate.


Accessit is always making changes to the LMS which is great because they often make jobs a lot quicker. I am absolutely loving the new YouTube add on for the Web App as it means I have more options than just adding a page using Source – so fast, so simple! I also really appreciate, after having lots of tech issues with new students, that we have automated updates from E-tap as you have made one task much shorter to do!

Kay Morfett – Rolleston School, NZ

Web App - Rolleston school

As you can see with Rolleston School’s Web App, their interface is attractive and vibrant, perfectly designed to appeal to the wide audience you would find at a large school.

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