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Web App of the week: St Anthony’s High School

Web App of the week is an award for outstanding users of Accessit Library. It’s a place to recognise extremely nice-looking, useful user interfaces and somewhere to turn to for inspiration.

Jill Adler from St Anthony’s High School has shaped her web app around usability and connectivity. With multiple social platforms and an interface built to engage users, St Anthony’s has used all Accessit Library’s core functions effectively.

We love that the system is integrated allowing us to make dashboards for whatever we need. Before we were just using a static LMS platform and a separate website. We had to send updates to our webmaster. We had limited space and we could not do much with it. Now we have a very interactive and lively place to showcase.

Jill Adler, St Anthony’s High School

St Anthonys high school Web App

As you can see, St Anthony’s High School is using their web app for cataloguing, room and tutor bookings and has a live twitter feed!

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