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Australia Roadshow 2019 - a great success!

This year the Accessit Library professional development Training Roadshow and Presentation Series series hit 17 Australian venues across 5 states.

Accessit professional development and networking

Each year our professional development training sessions are well-attended by enthusiastic Accessit librarians, and this year was no exception. As Sue de Leon from Kew High School said, “The roadshow keeps me feeling on top of the latest updates and I’ve found there is no substitute for the face-to-face training.”

Attending the annual Roadshow strengthens the ongoing relationship between our Trainers and customers, and enables users to make use of every tool at their disposal to create a dynamic and engaging library. Librarian Kate Mowat from Langwarrin Park Primary School agrees: “Another informative roadshow generating new ideas to take back and improve the service we provide. Accessit continues to answer all the needs of our library today and for the future.”

We value your feedback

As you can see, each year we gather feedback from our customers on their Roadshow experience. Based on last year’s feedback, this year we chose to focus on new features, general tips and tricks and allow time for questions and answers and networking. Anne Chowne from Academy of Mary Immaculate commented that her training session was “Very well run, lots of new features explored, it was well paced and allowed time for audience members to question things along the way.”

This year, 92.4% of attendees said they would recommend the roadshow to other Accessit users; and 88.4% felt the roadshow was valuable to them personally – even those who were already confident users or have IT backgrounds. Vanessa Grosso from Kilvington Grammar School added, “This is my fourth successive Roadshow and I always come away excited with the new enhancements and pleased to have picked up some other tips and techniques to improve my current use. Will look forward to next year.”

Accessit Library Roadshow Australia

Rewarding for our trainers

It’s just as rewarding for our team to see familiar faces and meet new customers each year. As Roadshow Trainer and Product Representative Bonnie Barr says, “It’s really special to catch up with people who are genuinely happy to see you and really value what Accessit Library brings to their school. The feedback on new functionality is great. We want to hear what you think so we can keep improving the system.”

For experienced Accessit Library support Trainer Christine Cross, it was her first time joining the Roadshow in Australia. Well versed in the New Zealand equivalent, she was excited to meet many Australian customers for the first time. “It was my first time attending the Australian Roadshow and my first time visiting Queensland at all! We were made to feel so incredibly welcomed by the schools who were hosting us, and it was wonderful to meet many of the customers we speak to on the phone, as well as brand new Accessit Library users. It was also great to see each library space in action. It really struck me how vital, dynamic and vibrant these libraries are,” says Christine.

New Zealand Roadshow 2019

In August we will begin the New Zealand training and presentation roadshow. If you are from New Zealand and keen to get amongst the buzz, don’t forget to register – you won’t regret it! Click here to register.

We have morning and afternoon sessions during the Roadshow. Our morning sessions are our yearly professional development training sessions for current Accessit Library customers. Our afternoon sessions are free sessions for those who aren’t currently using Accessit Library, but would like to see it in action!

“My advice to other librarians is don’t wait or let worry hold you back. Get along to the next Accessit Presentation Roadshow in your area. There won’t be any scary hard sell, and you won’t regret it.”
Kris Parlane, Librarian, Greenhithe School

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