Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

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High-quality, consistent catalogue records for school libraries.

Accessit and SCIS are two systems that work beautifully together, helping you create high-quality, rich, age-appropriate catalogue records in seconds – saving you time and money. Used by more than 93% of Australian schools, and now updated for a global market, SCIS is a trusted quality service focused on enhancing information discovery in schools.

How much does it cost?

Make Accessit Library even better with the World’s best school-centric catalogue database – SCIS. Including automatically updated information curated specifically for schools, up-to-date cover images and the ability to edit the records to suit your needs – SCIS is the leader in school catalogue databases and will make your work life easier while making your library more engaging.

How does it work?

When schools subscribe to SCIS they are given access to high quality, accurate and consistent catalogue records designed for a school audience. This includes both full and abridged Dewey, plot summaries, educational subject headings and book jacket covers. These records can then be downloaded as MARC records directly into your library catalogue. Author notes and reviews are also available from SCIS Data to support resource selection.

Accessit SCIS Integration

For librarians using Accessit Library, this means they can catalogue hundreds of records with high quality metadata per hour. Compare that to cataloguing by hand at 4 books per hour!

The result? Saves time and money.

  • It now takes a fraction of the time (and therefore cost) to catalogue new resources.
  • The resources are ready for use more quickly.
  • You have the comfort of knowing you’re providing high quality, consistent metadata designed with students in mind.

“SCIS is great. It’s really, really helped my cataloguing. It has such a high hit rate, especially as SCIS has got so many English schools now. I would say the hit rate is about 98%. The ability to be able to enter a book that SCIS doesn’t have a catalogue record for, and to ask for it to be done for you is just great. I love that. 

SCIS will give you good keywords — keywords that fit schools rather than generic library or British Library or what the publishers have put in — that actually fit what students are looking for. I don’t wipe all the keywords out any more like I used to. I generally keep the keywords that SCIS has suggested so it’s much, much quicker. I would definitely recommend SCIS to everyone who has moved to Accessit.”

Caroline Roche

Eltham College, UK

What’s included?

The SCIS database has approximately 1.6 million high-quality, consistent catalogue records. This also includes more than 100,000 records for audio books, websites, digital videos, apps and ebooks.

Integration with Accessit Library

Accessit Library has been providing outstanding integration with Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) for many years.

And it’s not just about adding new resources. Accessit Library’s globally acclaimed ‘retrospective cataloguing’ means that you can now select your existing catalogue records and automatically reprocess them with SCIS enrichment material – updating just the fields you choose! This is a great way to revitalise your existing catalogue, and it can do it while you sleep!

Benefits for users?

Your teachers and students will love the enriched metadata they can search and explore. And they will love viewing the cover images that are provided. The outcome – added engagement from your users, increasing their interest in the resources you are making available to them.

How do I get a SCIS subscription?

Accessit Library partners with SCIS to provide library services to schools world-wide. We work with SCIS because we trust and respect the quality of their services to schools.

Subscriptions are based on the number of students enrolled within your school.

Click here to see the calculator to work out the annual subscription cost for your school. From here you can sign up to SCIS.
As another option, you can choose to receive a 10 day trial.

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