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We’ve been developing Accessit Library alongside our customers for 25 years. What you think matters to us which is why we place so much value on maintaining strong relationships with our customers. We’ve built a system you’ll love, and your students will too.

A modern library goes way beyond physical books. What you need is a library management system that supports you in achieving your goals. Accessit engages your students and automates your day-to-day tasks, and our users report a significant and positive impact on student achievement.

A librarian reads a book to a group of engaged children on the floor of the library
IT Managers
Special Libraries
I switched to Accessit Library from my previous system two years ago and it was the best thing I ever did!

Caroline Roche, Librarian, Eltham College

The library is integral to learning.

We understand the importance of the library and librarians. So we’ve designed Accessit Library – not as a peripheral system, but as essential to the operation of the entire school. The library should be at the heart of your school. But with limited resources available, it’s often treated as an afterthought. Accessit Library solves this problem by turning your library into a central hub that connects and integrates all your school’s existing systems.

Many of the tasks you will need to perform on a routine basis are automated for you in Accessit. The Action Bar gives you a real-time overview of your library – the number of reserved items, overdue items, overdue subscriptions, new borrowers, and so on. Automated cataloguing across multiple metadata sources gives you a better success rate and richer catalogue records, every time. Overdue and underdue reminder notices can be sent automatically to either the student, the parent/guardian, or both. Accessit can even scan the web links in your catalogue, identifying and reporting on any broken links.

Accessit synchronises with most student administration systems, automatically updating your borrower records every night, so you’re always up to date.

Accessit automates day-to-day tasks such as cataloguing and emailing overdues.

As well as searching, students can renew, reserve, book, read and write reviews, and create citations.

With One Search, teachers, librarians and students can check all local and online content with a single search.

We chose Accessit because of all our options in Library Management Software it provided the best and most personalised student dashboard within the Web App. From the library management perspective Accessit makes many tasks a breeze – cataloguing, overdue lists, and all the routine tasks are done with a minimum of fuss. The company is continually improving the product in response to users’ feedback, and the Accessit support team have been exceptional in responding to our requests and problems. Highly recommend!!

Wilma Kurvnik, Librarian, Scotch College, AU

Accessit Library, a teacher’s best friend.

When you can access your library anywhere, anytime, it becomes more than a store of information. It becomes an integral part of the journey of learning. Accessit Library gives you the connectivity, visibility, and flexibility you need as a complete school-wide resource management system.

Accessit supports teaching as much as it supports learning. Since anything can be catalogued, teachers can get creative with their classes – making book trailers, recording performances or speeches, uploading music and adding it to the catalogue so students can access it.

Media fluency and information literacy is supported through the Accessit One Search tool – a single discovery tool that gives your students one place to find independently curated, scholarly material (including all your subscription databases). This will expand your potential classroom resources exponentially and brings information literacy into the classroom. Best of all, your students only need one login to reach everything.

We believe collaboration between librarians and teachers can support teaching practices and provide a richer learning environment for students.

Teachers can request books for lessons and play the role of itinerant librarian, issuing and returning items for borrowers on the spot. The Accessit Circulation tool is not only easy to use, it can be accessed directly from the Web App, giving you the option of issuing items on a laptop or iPad whilst in the classroom. Library staff can put alert messages on student records to let teachers know important information at issue time. Overdue notices are automatically sent, and a list of overdues for each class can be sent to the homeroom teacher with a single click.

Easily manage and deliver teacher resources and textbook collections.

Teachers can create class specific reading lists, add areas of interest, and check on the availability of resources at any time.

Students will discover all your learning resources in a single search, including books, eBooks, PDFs, electronic documents, podcasts, websites, online digital content, subscriptions, video, audio, archives, and more.

Accessit is a gateway to knowledge that allows me to extend my students. Initially, it seemed like something more for librarians – I was wrong! It has really helped my teaching, and my students’ grades are the proof that it’s making a real difference.

Amy Featonby, Head of English, St Peter’s School, NZ

Accessit won’t put pressure on you or your IT infrastructure.

Deep integration, powerful connectivity, stability and ease of use make Accessit a no-brainer and the first choice for IT Managers. Accessit Library gives you great integration options, superb support for industry standards and protocols, seamless workflows and interoperability, and excellent technical support.

Accessit Library gives you great integration options, superb support for industry standards and protocols, seamless workflows and interoperability, and excellent technical support. Once installed, Accessit needs minimal intervention by IT Managers and staff. Updates are applied automatically (unless you choose not to), and borrower data is always current as Accessit integrates with almost all student management systems, updating your library information every night.

Accessit is a reliable system which has been around for 25 years, but is constantly adapting and changing to meet the needs of the modern learning environment.

We take security and privacy seriously

Accessit Library has been independently tested by Aura, a CREST-certified cyber security company, using industry standard testing procedures such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) v4 and Centre for Internet Security (CIS) testing benchmarks.

We are fully GDPR compliant, and make anonymising your data easy, if needed.

Our software is designed around the principle of Least Privilege Access with granular control.

Accessit has strong password encryption and adjustable password complexity requirements.

During borrower synchronisation, temporary encrypted databases are used while processing data.

Cloud or local? You choose

We have been managing Accessit Cloud around the world since 2007 and use high resilience servers that offer superior performance. This includes replication servers in different regions in case of hardware failure. Cloud hosting means we take care of daily backups, security patches, updates and performance monitoring.
Our local (on-premise) solution has a low system footprint and is flexible enough that it can even be spread across multiple servers if preferred. Easy access, when you need it.


At Accessit, we believe you should be free to choose the resources and services that best fit your school. We already integrate with a huge range of 3rd party providers of services, and are continually adding more integrations.
Click here to find out more about our 3rd party integrations.

Accessit frees you up, automating services for seamless integrations and management.

Powerful SQL solution that can be fully managed as a cloud-hosted solution or you can choose to deploy locally within existing server infrastructure.

Library software that offers SSO, AD/LDAP integration, Sync against student administration systems, and SIP2. It supports HTTPS, JSON, and SOAP. There’s automated emailing, RFID support, texting, eBook support including Wheelers/Overdrive, Clickview, TV4Ed, SCIS, Premier’s Reading Challenge, and more.

Remote support is available from Accessit staff, including our system integrators, SQL specialists, and networking experts.

Cloud Hosting Comparison
Accessit Library Cloud Hosting Others
Server Dedicated servers only hosting Accessit library Library software on shared server with other applications
Support rate Unlimited cloud service support Hourly server support charges
Support response Your library is our first priority Dependent on IT support, may incur extra costs
Database maintenance Daily by our database experts Dependent on IT support, may incur extra costs
Backups Daily, weekly and monthly Dependent on how often server is backed up
Restoring data Can restore your data within hours Dependent on IT support, may incur extra costs
Zero deployment Access your library anywhere, anytime Dependent on IT support, may incur extra costs
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between local hosting and cloud hosting?

Local hosting is when you have the Accessit database sitting on your school server. The server is maintained by your IT staff.

Cloud hosting is an externally managed service. We are responsible for the provision and maintenance of the server, including data storage and technical services – managing back-ups, security patches and the application of updates. Cloud hosting frees up your IT infrastructure and staff, and enables easier anytime, anywhere access to application and data.

Will I have to add my borrowers manually with Accessit?

Accessit Library synchronises with most student management systems. This means that all borrower information will be updated from the student management system daily into Accessit. You choose which fields you wish to sync, including parent emails, so you can send automated overdues home if necessary.

Does Accessit integrate with AD/LDAP?

Yes. This allows users to authenticate against Active Directory or LDAP via their normal network login.

Does Accessit support SSO?

Yes, Accessit supports Google (“G-Suite”), ADFS, Azure AD, and supports SAML2/Shibboleth, thus will work with various other SAML2-compliant identity solutions.

What happens when you release a new version? Do we have to buy Accessit all over again?

Of course not! With Accessit Library all updates and new versions are covered by your annual licence fee. You will always have access to the newest and most up-to-date version of Accessit.

Can my students search the catalogue without logging in?

Yes, of course. We also support AD/LDAP integration, so if your students log into the school network with a username and password, they can use the same login for Accessit, and not have to learn a new one. Accessit also supports SSO (Single Sign-On).

What sort of internet speed do I need for the hosted solution?

Minimum recommended 10Mb down, 5 Mb up. However, it’s also important to check that your network is not throttling back the connection (which would result in reduced connectivity). Another consideration is whether you have appropriate QOS (Quality of Service) rules in place to ensure library staff get adequate bandwidth at peak times (for example, if your organisation permits unlimited internet access at lunchtime, causing high utilisation, it is important that librarians get higher priority).

What we liked about Accessit was how easy and intuitive it was to use. It has a dashboard that looks and feels great – and we certainly liked what we had heard from other customers. The on-boarding process was well managed, and the development team was knowledgeable and professional to work with. We have received great support from everyone at Accessit.

John Haynes, Learning Innovation Facilitator, Tyndale Christian School, Australia

Meet the demands of multiple stakeholders.

There is an endless stream of people clamouring for limited resources. Now one library system can answer everyone’s demands.

One library system to keep everyone happy.

Changing technology creates incredible challenges for teachers, librarians and principals. Students want to access information when and where it suits them. Parents need to know their children are prepared for the future. Your IT experts will be concerned about security and a strain on their time. How do you answer everyone’s needs and demands?

  • Students love Accessit because the interface is attractive, engaging and intuitive to use. They can connect to the library on their own devices, when and where they want to. They can interact with the catalogue, “liking” and reviewing items, as well as manage their own library experience. By tracking the way students use the system, it can be adapted to their needs. Best of all, they only need one login to reach everything.
  • Teachers love Accessit because they can create more dynamic lesson plans, with easy access to podcasts, videos, eBooks, PDFs, and other electronic documents. They can even create their own reading lists and help students use One Search to find independently curated, scholarly resources including EBSCO, Britannica, Gale and LibGuides. One Search helps to expand classroom resources exponentially, bringing information literacy into the classroom.
  • Parents love Accessit because they can see their children have access to the relevant, reliable resources they need and a leading edge library system. Parents can participate in their child’s learning, reading and discovery from home, logging into Accessit with their child and selecting reading material, or placing reserves.
  • The IT department love Accessit because we put security first. The system virtually runs itself, so there’s no extra pressure on their time or hardware. IT will be impressed with Accessit’s high level of automation, connectivity and flexibility. They can run it on any system, or in the cloud to reduce the hardware required. Accessit also has excellent support and is always ready to help.
  • School boards love Accessit because the results are evident, making future decision-making easy. Accessit gives their school a cost-effective, modern educational resource that can grow and evolve with the school and community.

Accessit is available as a single and multi-campus solution. The Accessit Web App is available in English, Spanish (USA), Chinese (Simplified), Arabic, Latvian and Russian (with more languages being added).

Equip your staff and students with outstanding tools to discover learning resources and improve their management of teaching.

With a rich array of management and financial reports, Accessit is a valuable decision-making tool for the librarian, principal and school board. Keep informed on how your library and learning resources are being utilized school-wide so that, at a glance, you can rationalise spending and resource allocation.

Accessit is a single, all inclusive package. After the initial purchase, the annual subscription provides you with future updates and new versions at no additional cost. With no hidden costs, the process of transferring to Accessit Library is completely transparent.

Accessit is reliable and user-friendly, which is why we used it at my last two schools and why I implemented it here at Bohally Intermediate. It’s engaging for students and staff and it complements the curriculum objectives of our school but most importantly, our librarian LOVES using it!

Shane Campbell, Principal, Bohally Intermediate NZ

Students need school libraries.

We understand how important it is to provide your students with an engaging library platform that encourages a life-long love of reading and discovery. Today the library is more important than it even has been. Students need an accessible, easy to use library system that grows and evolves with a changing learning environment.

The Accessit Web App has a ‘drag and drop’ interface that is attractive and engaging, encouraging students of any age to explore and interact with the catalogue. Students can search the library catalogue from anywhere on any device – giving them 24/7 library access. The Accessit Library phone app is available for on-the-go access – students can track their current loans and overdues straight away as well as search the library catalogue.

Reducing library and research anxiety

One of the biggest issues faced by librarians today is how to make the process of finding information easier for our students by providing relevant, reliable resources to support their studies. Accessit’s One Search does away with the need for Google and Wikipedia based research. Students only need to login to Accessit once and they can extend their search beyond the library, reaching your online or subscription-based providers. This supports the students in their research, offering them curated results, so they don’t have to sort through volumes of content to find valid material.

Library staff can also create curated Reading Lists to help guide students. These lists can be linked to their online classroom space, bringing the library into the classroom, and reducing research and library anxiety.

Driving their own library experience

Accessit Library is designed to be as intuitive and engaging as possible. Students can easily reserve and renew items, read and write book reviews, view citations, and much more. They can create, save and share lists, encouraging book recommendations, and keeping the reading dialogue alive in the classroom and at home.

Students get their own unique dashboard, where they can view and manage their loans, reserves and their overdues.

‘My Interests’ makes book promotion easy by allowing your borrowers to choose their favourite authors, subjects or tags. Accessit then automatically alerts them when something new is added to the library, matching an area they’ve chosen.

With an attractive interface and an interactive user experience, your students will love engaging with the online library catalogue, as well as managing their own library experience.

It’s never been more important to equip your students to be information and tech savvy learners; and to seek out relevant, credible content.

Add videos, images, text, twitter feeds and animations to your Web App home screen to reflect the age and interests of your users. Our Accessit carousels are online bookcases in various attractive styles, which can be populated with featured, new or thematic books covers.

After years of using uninspiring library platforms, I LOVE the way the Accessit dashboard looks and functions! Being able to customize our 2 campuses with news articles, trending titles, One Search and more, engages all of our students from K through 12. And it’s all available anyTIME and anyWHERE with the click of a mouse or app!

SJ Drummond, Librarian/Edtech Resources, Fuqua School, Virginia, United States

Any library can be a better library with Accessit.

Elegant, easy to use and flexible enough to handle everything from small specialist collections to complex multi-dimensional libraries.

While our focus is education, our technology is perfect for any organisation requiring high-quality research or knowledge management tools.

Accessit is flexible enough to handle everything from small, specialist collections to complex multi-dimensional libraries. It enables you to equip your staff, clients or members with tools to access their own knowledge base, as well as external information sources. Accessit is designed for today’s rapidly changing and increasingly digital world. Our elegant and easy to use system makes it simple to catalogue and access all kinds of collections from the very old, to the cutting edge.

An affordable solution for libraries big or small, Accessit is a single, all-inclusive package. After your initial purchase, your annual subscription provides you with future updates and new versions at no additional cost. With Accessit you’re never alone. Our friendly and helpful support team is always there when you need them.

Powering specialist libraries across the world

Flexible enough to cater to a diverse range of requirements and environments, Accessit is powering specialist libraries and business organizations across a wide range of sectors in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand – here are some of them:


As well as physical resources, you can give users access to eBooks, PDFs, electronic documents, podcasts, websites, online digital content, subscriptions, video, audio, archives, and more – all discoverable in a single search.

Our easily customisable dashboard is the gateway to Accessit. You can search via any standard web browser, on any device. With our free app for IOS and Android, your users can even securely access and search the library with their own mobile devices.

I asked on the NZ-Libs for advice on affordable options and several specialist libraries suggested Accessit, as an affordable system with great customer support.

Kim Higginson, Information Resource Specialist, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

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